M.F.A. in painting, University of Hartford, CT, U.S.A.

B. A., Honors, Hornsey School of Arts (Middlesex University), London, U.K.

Foundation Course, St. Martins School of Arts, London, U.K.

Sir John Cass School of Art, London, U.K.

Ankara National Conservatory, Theater Section, Ankara, Turkey.



Full Scholarship, University of Hartford, CT (MFA)

Pollock/Krasner Foundation, Painting Grant

Artist’s Assistance Grant, Artists Space, NYC.

Two Fellowships, Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Lynchburg, VA.



The University Church, Dublin, Ireland. 

22 paintings totaling 150 linear feet by ten feet depicting events in the lives of Peter and Paul and twelve individual apostles.  After Raphael.  Joint commission from the church and the Irish government.



2015:  “Talisman,” The Painting Center, NYC.

2014:  “In the Shadows: Contemporary Artists and Obsessive Memory,”  Richmond Center for the Visual Arts, Kalamazoo, Michigan (Western Michigan University).

2013:  “Come Together: Surviving Sandy,”  Brooklyn, NY.

2012:  Group Show, DM Contemporary, NYC.

2012:  Group Show, Parkers Box Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

2011:  Summer Show, Blank Space Gallery, NYC.

2011:  DM Contemporary, NYC.

2010:  Two-person Show, Blank Space Gallery, NYC.

2010:  La Mama Galleria, NYC.

2010:  “Seeing Red,” Crossing Art Gallery, NYC.

2010:  DM Contemporary, NYC.

2009:  DM Contemporary, NYC.

2008:  DM Contemporary, NYC.

2008:  Sundaram Tagore Gallery, NYC.

2007:  “Neo-Abstraction,”  AG Gallery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY.

2006:  “New York Painters,” Museo Arte Moderno de Bogota, Colombia.

2004:  “The Essence of Line,” Concordia College Gallery, New York.

2002:  21 Group Show, Eicholt Gallery, Manhattan, NY.

2001:  Three-person Show, Gallery at Asia Minor, Manhattan, NY.

2000:  Gallery at Asia Minor, Manhattan, NY.



1999:  Two-person Show, Kingdom Fine Arts Gallery, Boston, MA.

1998:  Three-person Show, Gallery A’pert, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

1995:  “Chaos/Order,” Linhartova Nadace, “Roxy,” Prague, Czech Republic.

1994:  “Spatial Ambiguities,”  Marymount Manhattan College Gallery, NYC.

1993:  Two Person Show, M-13 Gallery, NYC.

1990:  The Bronx Museum of Art, NYC.

1990:  Jan Weiss Gallery, NYC.

1988:  BACA Downtown, Brooklyn, NY.

1987:  BACA Downtown, Brooklyn, NY.

1986:  BACA Downtown, Brooklyn, NY.

1985:  “Relative Meaning:  Figure in Context,”  Hallwals, Buffalo, New York.

1984:  Minor Injury Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

1984:  “Selections 25,” The Drawing Center, NYC.

1981:  University of Hartford

1979:  “Hornsey Paper Works,” Traveling Show, France.

1979:  “Summer Show,” Royal Academy of Arts, London, U.K.

1979:  “The Hornsey Show,” Alexandra Palace, London, U.K.

1979:  “Stowells Trophy,” Royal Academy of Arts, London, U.K.

1978:  “Whitechapel Open,” Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, U.K.

1978:   “Six Young Artists,” Gillys Gallery, London, U.K.

1977:  “Young Contemporaries,”  Royal Academy of Arts, London, U.K.

1973:  “The American Way of Death, Performance, Camden Institute, London, U.K.



2006:  “Change and Consequence in Baghdad,” Painting Center (Project Space), NYC.

1999:  Gallery X, New York City.

1995:  “Lush Tolerances,”  Project Art Center, Dublin, Ireland

1981:  Joseloff Gallery, University of Hartford, Hartford, CT.

1980:  Performance and Installation, University of Hartford, CT.

1979:  Sultan Gallery, Kuwait.